Coast Guard DOT 9-11 Ribbon

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The Department of Transportation 9-11 Coast Guard Ribbon is an award that was issued to both civilian and Coast Guard Personnel who, while in the service of the Department of Transportation contributed to the recovery from the 9-11 attacks on the United States of America. The requirements include that service person must have either participated in Operations Enduring Freedom, Noble Eagle or Protecting Liberty. Other criteria include those who were involved in patrolling harbors, critical infrastructure or vessels, or conducted boardings and inspections of vessels entering U.S. waters. Personnel were also authorized the award if they assisted in the augmentation of command centers for 14 days or more of the USCG, Departments of Transportation or Defense, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

A similar award known as the D.O.T. 9-11 Medal was also issued during the same time period, however it was mainly awarded for personal acts of bravery directly following the attacks of 9-11.