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Ordering your thin ribbon and medal sets can be confusing, but our online ordering system makes it easy to understand, convenient and fast!

We realize you may have questions; here are a few of the most commonly asked questions.

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In Wichita Falls, Texas close to the front gate of Sheppard Air Force Base at 4126 Burkburnett Rd.

Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm central/standard time.

Our office number is 940-851-6220.

No, we are closed all weekends and most government holidays.

SuperThin Ribbons closes a few days around July 4th and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Historically, those times are generally slower for the military, we can give the staff at SuperThin Ribbons time off to spend with their families.

All products are mounted per the Uniform Regulation Instructions for your current branch of service.

U.S. Army (Chapter 22)

U.S. Air Force

U.S. Navy

U.S. Marines Corp.

U.S. Coast Guard


If other than Regulation Mounting is needed, please provided instructions in the “Note” box located under the shipping/billing address.

Yes, we update products originally purchased from SuperThin Ribbons. Return your existing sets along with a list of changes and a phone number or email address to:  SuperThin Ribbons 4126 Burkburnett Rd., Wichita Falls, TX 76306.  We will contact you for shipping/billing information.

Should you decide not to update your items you will have to pay the postage to have them returned to you.

~~~~~~~While updating your existing set/sets often saves you money, it does take longer in terms of processing time. Please take this into consideration when you sending the sets back.~~~~~~~

There is not a set price for updates, it depends on the changes being made.

SuperThin Ribbons
4126 Burkburnett Rd.
Wichita Falls, TX 76306

If you don’t have access to the Form DD214 or the discharge documents you can request a copy from The National Archives.

Follow the link below for further information and assistance.

The National Archives                       www.archives.gov/veterans

Production time is usually 5-7 business days; however, there are busier times during the year that might increase the
normal processing time (i.e. September- Air Force Ball, October- Navy Ball, March, Seabee Ball etc.). Processing
time DOES NOT include the day the order was placed or the shipping time.

We understand that life happens—-funerals,
medical retirements, unexpected TDY, official photo, weddings, etc.  SuperThin Ribbons will make a concerted effort to meet those time constraints.  Please call (940) 851-6220 or email us at sales@superthinribbons.com to make arrangements to meet your delivery time.

Turnaround time for updates is longer and does not start until we can reach the customer for payment.

U.S. Postal Service

Standard Shipping/Insurance – Priority Mail (usually 2-3 business day, not guaranteed)

Overnight Shipping/Insurance – Express Priority Mail (overnight to most US Continental locations)

Check your location/zip code for delivery times:  https://postcalc.usps.com/

Standard Shipping is 2-3 Business Days (Not Guaranteed)

Overnight – Guaranteed Overnight to most destinations; however, some locations are 2 Business Days.

APO/FPO/AE/AA areas DO NOT have overnight delivery.

The charge to cover the cost of Shipping, Packing Materials, Insurance, etc.

Yes; however, US Postal Service Express Priority does not guarantee overnight delivery to most APO and FPO locations.  Packages are delivery “overnight” to the last mail processing center in the United States.

Yes, like SuperThin Ribbons, medals will be mounted in the “Thin” style per the uniform regulations instructions.

At the end of the online ordering process, below “Billing Details” and “Order Summary”,  there is a “Notes” section for “staggered or offset” instructions and other special instructions mounting requests.

Yes, so you would only have to select devices on this ribbon if you have more than one “E”.

If you would need 4 “E”s on your Navy Battle E you would select an “E” with a wreath.

If you were in the military during the first gulf war you would have one star. These indicate the conflicts that the National
Defense Medal and ribbon was awarded for:

Korea – 6/27/50 to 7/27/54
Vietnam – 1/1/61 to 8/14/74
Gulf War I – 8/2/90 to 11/30/95
Gulf War II – 9/11/01 to Present

Bronze Star shall be worn on the Southwest Asia Medal and Ribbon for participation during either of the following periods of service:

Defense of Saudi Arabia – 08/02/90 to 01/16/91
The Liberation and Defense of Kuwait – 01/17/91 to 04/11/91
Cease-Fire Campaign – 04/12/91 to 11/30/95
Operation Provide Comfort – 06/01/92 to 11/30/95

Bronze Stars are worn on the Iraqi Campaign Medal and Ribbon for one or more days of participation in each designated campaign phase. Please check with Awards and Decorations for a list of the designated campaign dates. A  Bronze Star is worn on the Afghanistan Campaign Medal and Ribbon for one or more days of participation in each designated campaign phase. Please check with Awards and Decorations for a list of the designated campaign dates.

This means that there is a 1/8” space between the rows.  Spacing is only authorized for U.S. Army (black) or
U.S. Marines Corp. (clear).

No, we can build them into your order if you provide them.

Our magnets are very strong and work very well with shirts; however, pins are NOT recommended for a service coat or mess

You can order in the manner convenient for you:

Website (www.sales@superthinribbons.com)                   Email (sales@superthinribbons.com)                                  Phone (940-851-6220)                                                                  Our store 4126 Burkburnett Rd., Wichita Falls, TX 76306

Ordering through our website is the most efficient way to place your order.  Feel free to call our office (940-851-6220) if you would rather order over the phone, have a special request or have questions.

Include a good contact number, shipping address, the branch of service that you are currently in, and what shipping option
you would like. We will contact you for payment information.

You can call during normal business hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm CST) to make changes to your order, but it may cause delays in processing time. You can also email change requests to sales@superthinribbons.com.

No. We will do everything we can to accommodate your time deadlines; however, shipping does not affect processing
time. Please call SuperThin Ribbons if you have a special situation.

Because our products are custom made to the customer’s specifications unless the return is due to our mistake there
will be a 25% restocking fee and shipping/handling is non-refundable. To receive a refund all products must be returned to our office at 4126 Burkburnett Rd., Wichita Falls, TX 76306 in the same condition that the merchandise was shipped. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with your purchase and we are willing to work with you to resolve any issue that might arise with your order.