Army Distinguished Service Medal

The Army Distinguished Service Medal Ribbon is a military decoration awarded to members of the United States Army who have demonstrated exceptional meritorious service to the nation in a position of great responsibility.

The ribbon is made of silk and is 1 3/8 inches in width. The ribbon is blue with a center stripe of white edged in red. The blue represents the Army, and the white stripe represents the purity of the individual’s service. The red edges of the white stripe symbolize the courage and sacrifice demonstrated by the recipient.

The Army Distinguished Service Medal Ribbon may be awarded for exceptionally meritorious service in a position of great responsibility to the United States Army, including but not limited to positions of command, staff, or joint positions. It is the highest non-combat decoration awarded by the Army.

The recipient may wear the ribbon on the left side of their uniform, along with other awards and decorations. It symbolizes the recipient’s dedication and outstanding service to their country and is a source of pride for the individual and their family.

  • Type:

    Distinguished Service Medal

  • Awarded for:

    Accompanies the Distinguished Service Medal (U.S. Army)

  • Eligibility:

    United States Army Soldiers

  • Status:

    Currently used

  • Established:

    January 2, 1918

  • First awarded:

    January 12, 1918