Air and Space Basic Military Training Instructor Ribbon

The ribbon criteria for Air Force active duty, Reserve, and Guard personnel are as follows:
-Basic award is presented upon graduation from Military Training Instructor School
-Wear of the ribbon will become permanent after successful completion of at least a 12 month tour of duty as an MTI.  The 737th Training Group commander may waive the minimum qualifying tour length if an individual cannot complete the tour for a valid reason
-The authorization to wear the ribbon is retroactive for any individual who has successfully completed 12 months duty as an MTI and is currently on active duty or a member of a reserve component as of the establishment date of Dec. 7, 1998
-The 737th TRG/CC may withdraw authorization to wear the ribbon for those who are eliminated from the MTI program for disciplinary reasons
-Each additional three years of MTI duty following the basic tour entitles the member to an oak leaf cluster.