Air and Space Expeditionary Service

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For award of the AFESR w/GB, members must be/have been assigned to an Air Expeditionary Force Plan Identification or on Contingency Exercise Deployment orders and have been receiving IDP/HFP. Aircrew members who engage in combat action must be assigned on aeronautical orders in direct support of a combat zone. Prior to the award of the gold border, members must have met the eligibility requirement for award of the basic AFESR. The AFESR w/GB may be awarded to current and former Air Force active duty, Reserve, and Guard personnel who since Oct. 1, 1999 meet the requirements of Paragraph 2 and 3. The time eligibility criteria for award of the basic AFESR w/GB can be waived if the member meets one of the following criteria:
-Be engaged in actual combat against the enemy and under circumstances involving grave danger of death or serious bodily injury from enemy actions
-While participating in a designated operation, be killed, wounded, or injured requiring medical evacuation from the combat zone
-Be a regularly assigned crew member flying combat/combat support sorties into, out of, within, or over a combat zone
-Employ a kinetic or non-kinetic weapon from outside the designated combat zone, in a combat operation