Air and Space Basic Trng Hnr Grad Ribbon

The Basic Military Training Honor Graduate Ribbon was established on 3 April 1976 by order of the Air Force Chief of Staff, General David Charles Jones. The ribbon is awarded to graduates of Air Force and Space Force basic training who have obtained an honor graduate designation and demonstrate excellence in all areas of academic and military training. An airman or guardian must achieve at least a 90% on their physical fitness level during the final AFBMT physical fitness test. The AFBMT physical fitness test has three parts: 1.5-mile run time (60%), number of sit ups in a minute (20%), and number of push ups in a minute (20%). If the trainee fails to reach a score of at least 90%, the airman or guardian is ineligible no matter how well they performed in other areas of basic training. Additionally, the airman or guardian must average over a 90 percent on all the written examinations, and never fail a graded inspection (graded inspections are conducted randomly after week #3). The airman or guardian must never receive a negative mark in a written evaluation. Current regulations limit the number of selectees to no more than ten percent of the graduating squadron. The Basic Military Training Honor Graduate Ribbon is a one-time award and may not be presented retroactively. Those awarded are entitled to wear the Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon for the rest of their U.S. Air Force or U.S. Space Force careers.