Soldier’s Medal


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The Soldier’s medal honors the members of the U.S. Armed forces who distinguish themselves with heroic acts. This honor doesn’t require the soldier to confront the hostiles. It is typically respected for risking life or losing a limb while saving others. This medal is the greatest distinction a soldier can earn in exhibiting bravery. The Service members with the Soldier’s medal are eligible for retirement pay with a 10 percent increase in their retirement pay. The medal is made up of bronze and is in the shape of an octagon. It features an eagle at the center of the medal.

  • Type:

    Personal Military Decoration

  • Awarded for:

    Distinguishing oneself by heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy

  • Presented by:

    United States Department of the Army

  • Status:

    Currently awarded

  • Established:

    2 July 1926

  • First awarded:

    October 17, 1927