Joint Service Commendation Medal


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The Joint Service Commendation Medal is a decorated award presented to the United States Armed Forces Personnel who have shown exceptional achievement on behalf of the Defense Agencies or the office of the Secretary of Defense. A bound wreath circles the JSCM with an eagle grasping three arrows and thirteen stars above it with a green background of conjoined hexagons.

  • Type:

    Military medal (decoration)

  • Awarded for:

    Heroism, meritorious achievement, or meritorious service

  • Presented by:

    United States Department of Defense, United States Department of the Army, United States Department of the Navy, United States Department of the Air Force, United States Department of Homeland Security

  • Eligibility:

    Military personnel only

  • Status:

    Currently awarded

  • Established:

    Naval Service: 1943
    Coast Guard: 1943
    Army: 1945
    Air and Space Forces: 1958
    Joint Service: 1963

  • First awarded:

    June 25, 1963