Air Force Distinguished Service Medal


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The Air Force Distinguished Service medal is awarded to those members of the U.S. Air Force who have served with extremely commendable service to the U.S Government. This medal is awarded to officers who hold at least the rank of a Major General. Previously it was known as the Distinguished Service medal(Air Force), But after the Korean war, The name was replaced by the Air Force Distinguished Service medal. The medal has 13 golden sunburst rays divided by 13 white stars in between and a precious blue stone at the center.

  • Type:

    Military medal

  • Awarded for:

    Exceptionally meritorious service in a duty of great responsibility

  • Presented by:

    United States Department of the Air Force

  • Eligibility:

    United States Air Force airmen and United States Space Force guardians

  • Status:

    Currently awarded

  • Established:

    6 July 1960

  • First awarded:

    30 November 1965