Air Medal


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The Air Medal is awarded to military personnel for their heroic and meritorious achievement during participation in aerial flight. The Air Medal can also be awarded to the personnel who recognize single acts of gallantry in combat or meritorious service in the combat zone. The Medal is in the shape of a compass with 16 pointed rose. A swooping eagle at the center holding two lightning bolts with its claws.

  • Type:

    Military medal (Decoration)

  • Awarded for:

    Heroic or meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight

  • Presented by:

    United States Department of the Army, United States Department of the Navy, United States Department of the Air Force, United States Department of Homeland Security

  • Status:

    Currently awarded

  • Established:

    Executive Order 9158, May 11, 1942 (as amended by E.O. 9242-A, September 11, 1942)

  • First awarded:

    September 8, 1939