Medal of Honor

Army Cross

Navy Cross

Air Force Cross

Defense Dist Service Medal

Army Dist Svc Medal

Navy Dist Svc Medal

A.F. Dist Svc Medal

Transport Dist Svc

C.G. Dist Svc Medal

Silver Star

Defense Super Svc

Legion Of Merit

Dist Flying Cross

Soldier's Medal

Navy/Mrn Corps Medal

Airman's Medal

Coast Guard Medal

Bronze Star

Purple Heart

Defense Merit Svc

Merit Service Medal

Air Medal

Joint Svc Comm

Army Commendation

Navy/Marine Comm

A.F. Commendation

C.G. Commendation

Joint Svc Achvmt

Army Achvmt

Navy/Marine Achvmt

A.F. Achvmt

C.G. Achvmt

POW Medal

Combat Action Medal

CG Combat Action Ribbon

Combat Action Ribbon

Army Good Conduct

Navy Good Conduct

A.F. Good Conduct

Marine Good Conduct

C.G. Good Conduct

Army Res Comp Achv

Navy Res Mert Svc

A.F. Res Merit Svc

Selctd Marine Corp. Res. Medal

C.G. Res Good Cndt

Navy Exped Medal

Marine Exped Medal

American Def Service

Women Army Corps

American Cmpgn

Asiatic-Pacific Cmp

Eur-Afr-Mid East Cp

World War II Victory

Army Of Occupation

Medal For Humane Act

Ntl Defense Svc

Korean Svc Medal

Antarctic Svc Medal

Armed Frcs Exped

Vietnam Svc Medal

Southwest Asia Svc

Kosovo Cmpgn Medal

Afghanistan Campaign Medal

Iraqi Campaign Medal

Global War On Terrorism Expeditionary Medal

Global War On Terrorism Service Medal

Korean Defense Service Medal

Armed Fcs Svc Medal

Humanitarian Svc

Outstdg Vol Svc

Armed Fcs Res Med

Army Profes Dev

A.F. Prof Mil Ed Grad

Army Svc Ribbon

Army Overseas Svc

Army Res Ovrs Trng

A. F. Training Ribbon

Navy Sea Svc Dep

C.G. Sea Svc Ribbon

Navy Arctic Svc

Navy Res Sea Svc

Navy Oversea Svc

A.F. Overseas Short

A.F. Overseas Long

Navy Recruiting

Marine Recruiting

A.F. Recruiting Ribbon

C.G. Recruiting Ribbon

Marine Secrty Guard

Air Force Special Duty Award

Marine Corps Combat Instructor Ribbon

Navy Ceremonial Guard Duty Ribbon

Navy Recruit Trng Rib

Marine Drill Instructor

A.F. Mil Trng Inst

C.G. Spec Operation

Philippine Defense

Philippine Librtn

Philippine Indpnd

U.N. Svc Med

Inter-Am Def Board

United Nations Med

U.N. Iraq Observ

U.N. Cambodia

U.N. Haiti

U.N. Op Somalia

U.N. Obs India/Pakistan

NATO Medal

Nato Article 5 (Active Endeavour)

Nato Article 5 (Eagle Asslt)

Nato - Non-Article 5 (ISAF Afghanistan)

Nato - Non-Article 5 (OP Balkans)

NATO Medal Kosovo

Multi Nat'l Force/Obs

Vietnam Campaign w/ 60 Date Bar

Kuwait Lib - Saudi w/ Gold Palm Tree

Kuwait Lib - Kuwait

Korean Campaign
Unit Award(worn on right side of uniform)

Army/A.F. Pres Unit w/ Gold Frame

Navy/Marine Pres Unit

Joint Merit Unit Award w/ Gold Frame

Valorous Unit Award w/ Gold Frame

Army Merit Unit Award w/ Gold Frame

Navy/Marine Unit Comm (NUC)

A.F. Outsdg Unit Award

C.G. Unit Comm

Army Suprior Unit w/ Gold Frame

Navy/Marine Merit Unit Comm (MUC)

Navy Battle 'E' w/ Small Silver E

C.G. Battle 'E'

A.F. Org Exc Awd

C.G. Merit Unit Awd

C.G. Merit Team

Philippine Pres Unit Cit w/ Gold Frame

Korean Pres Unit Cit w/ Gold Frame

Vietnam Pres Unit Cit w/ Gold Frame

Vietnam Gallantry w/ Gold Frame & Palm

Vietnam Civil Act Medal w/ Gold Frame & Palm
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